Review on Popular Sports of Nepal

Most Popular Sports In Nepal

Review on Popular Sports of Nepal

Nepal represents an exceptionally long foundation of sports, from the Malla administration to the present. Today, sports are viewed as types of entertainment and regarded as a profession. At first taken as only a type of entertainment in Nepal, sports have had the option to ascend as a profession right now critical development and improvement at a global level.

A portion of the popular sports in Nepal are Football, Cricket, Swimming, Volleyball, Dandi Biyo, Kho, Kabaddi, Tennis, Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Running, Weightlifting, Basketball, Badminton, and Golf. The popularity and regard for sports in Nepal has developed in the present days added to the character of Nepal.

1. Football

2. Cricket

3. Volleyball

4. Swimming

5. Boxing

Some Popular Variations Of Martial Arts Performed in Nepal Are:


Kung Fu

Gurkha Kukri Martial Arts


6. Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the most well known games played in Nepal that started in India and popular all around the globe in the present day. Kabaddi is a game of label game performed between two seven-player crews. The point of the game is for a solitary offense player, alluded to as a “bandit,” to run into the half of a court of the rival group, tag however many of their protectors as could reasonably be expected, and come back to their half of the court. This ought to be done all without being handled by the safeguards and in one breath.

In Nepal, it is played generally in provincial zones and even professionally as of late. This antiquated game represents an immense measure of our way of life and legacy from hundreds of years.