Santoshi Shrestha: First Nepali Female Athlete to Win Gold

Santoshi Shrestha: First Nepali Female Athlete to Win Gold

Santoshi Shrestha has enrolled another record throughout the entire existence of Nepali matches by dominating a games gold decoration in the ladies’ 10,000m race at the thirteenth South Asian Games.

Shrestha set the new precedent by intersection the end goal only a millisecond in front of the Indian sprinter Kabita Yadav. ladies’ 10,000m race at the thirteenth South Asian Games

Shrestha, who overwhelmed the track from the earliest starting point, was deserted by the Indian competitor with around 100m remaining. Be that as it may, ultimately, Shrestha outfitted her speed and propelled herself ahead to pack the noteworthy gold award.

Shrestha crossed the ending line simply a milli-second in development of Indian runner Kabita Yadav. Who overtook the Nepali athlete with round a hundred meters remaining. Shrestha. Who led the pack from the establishment before being left in the back of through the Indian runner, pushed herself ahead at the closing moment and used to be able to bag the historic gold medal with her private fine timing eclipsing the preceding mark of 35:49. Sri Lanka’s Nilanthi Lanka completed third in 35:59.02.

Santoshi Shrestha

Victor Shrestha: 35 minutes 7.94 seconds

Next in line Kabita: 35 minutes 7.95 seconds

Also, Shrestha finished the race with her own best planning outperforming the past characteristic of 35:49.

The 10,000-meter race at the South Asian Games was her universal presentation.

After the nail-gnawing race, Shrestha said to the press, that despite the fact that there was a gigantic cheer from the group, she didn’t know about her success. Furthermore, she didn’t trust it until her name was flashed on the scoreboard.

Shrestha, a general wellbeing specialist, began moved her concentration to run, by leaving her place of employment and concentrates two years prior. She hails from Jwalamukhi in Dhading.


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