Developers Jobs in the USA | 5 Highest Salary Developers Jobs 2021

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5 Highest Salary Developers Jobs in the USA

Every year Stack Overflow is conducting a 20 minutes survey to gather information from Developers Jobs in the USA. This year around 90,000 apps completed a survey. So in this article, we will see what is the top five highest-paid developer jobs in 2021. let’s check it out.

Back-end developers Jobs in the USA

This role focuses on developing the core logic or server-side code. That keeps the website or application running. developers on this career track usually have good knowledge of application architecture security, databases, API, and server-side application frameworks. They also need to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies in order to communicate with them. The popular languages they use Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java. As of 2021 global median they earn 56000 US dollars annually.

Full-stack developers Jobs in the USA

There are developers who can handle all technologies required to complete the entire project. They have the necessary skills in both front and back-end development. Including UX design, application performance and Scalability, deployment, version control, security, testing, and some communication skills as well. As of 2021 global median they earn 57000 US dollars annually.

Embedded device developers

In the past few years, IoT and smart devices are becoming more and more popular. This means more demands for embedded developers who can write code to run on these devices. These developers a family of Hardware usually microcontrollers or microprocessors. They must be able to read schematics and use electrical circuit tools like multimeters or oscilloscope. Python C and C++ are the most used languages. As of 2021 global median they earn around 57000 US Dollars annually.

Machine learning developers

AI and machine learning are one of the hottest topics right now. There are lots of opportunities available. The key skillset of machine learning developers is mathematics, probability/statistics, algorithm design, data modeling, and distributed computing. Python R and C++ are the programming languages near often use. As of 2021 global median they earn around 61000 US dollars annually.

Site reliable engineer or SRE and DevOps

Site reliable engineer or SRE and DevOps are still among the highest-paid this year. As more and more companies are starting to adopt the concept and methodology to make their development process more efficient. It’s not easy to become a DevOps engineer or SRE. DevOps must have a solid knowledge of software development lifecycle, extensive experiences of tools, technologies such as source control, orchestration testing and deployment automation tools, scripting languages, and testing methodology. SRE requires similar skill sets with the addition of application performance, reliability, and scalability. as of 2021 global median DevOps are in solid salary at 71000 US dollars annually. While SRE is at $85,000 ranked the highest-paid developer job for this year excluding managers level.

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