Dr. Surendra Yadav:- ‘They abdu-cted me from my house’

They abduc-ted me from my house and managed to escape after 20 hours – MP Dr. Surendra Yadav

Dr. Surendra Yadav, The plan to split our party has now come to the surface, the game is old. Upendra Yadavji was the Minister of Health and I was the Minister of State. Even being a member of the same cabinet, I did not meet the Prime Minister personally. A doctor attached to the PM’s treatment had already tried to see me. However, I told him not to meet the party president without asking.

We were in government. However, there was no good relationship between the Prime Minister and our party president and the then Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav regarding the implementation of federalism and the work of the ministry. The Prime Minister was angry with Upendraji for clashing with him. Therefore, the Prime Minister wanted to split our party in a planned manner. However, Istiaq Rai had a good relationship with the Prime Minister. He was not even allowed to work in the ministry. Renu Yadav had been dissatisfied with the party since then. The chairman said he did not respect himself. That is why the Prime Minister was made happy.

I went to the village the same night after the first lacunae to prevent corona infection. My constituency Mahottari-4 has a lot of rural areas. Not in good health. I went to the district thinking that something should be done in the village during the crisis.

On Tuesday evening, IG sab (former IGP Sarvendra Khanal was called IGsab everywhere by MP Yadav in this dialogue). Where is Dr. Saab? I said I am in the house of the village (Mahottari). He said he had to meet. Okay, I’ll come to Kathmandu after the lockdown and say we’ll meet. However, he called from the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar, saying that the Prime Minister was seeking your help. Why not meet the Prime Minister of the country, if he asked for help, why not? I replied that it was my duty as an MP to help him. But, now it is time to lock up, I repeated that I will come after opening. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the prime minister’s government.

IG sab called again around 9 am on Wednesday. He said that he was trying to meet you. I said I was going to Janakpur. Because my brother-in-law’s son was born, I was preparing to go to Janakpur with my wife. Not only that, I am also an advisor in the committee formed by the state government against Kovid-19. That is why I keep moving around Janakpur.

But, he directly said I am in Mahottari, I will come to your house. He had arrived in Bardibas by then. He has been associated with Janakpur since he was SP. Bardibas has arrived, I will not refuse to come home in a moment. They have also informed the SP of Mahottari about my whereabouts through my PSO.

He arrived home in about half an hour. I had only talked to IG Saab on the phone. However, Mahesh Basnet Hon’ble, Kisan Shrestha Hon’ble also came to the house, another one was also in the driving seat.

I welcomed them. As I am also an MP, I knew them. I am glad you came home. If I had given advance notice, I would have made sweet food. They told me to leave the food and go to the bar and stay there. Our MP friend in Bara is Rambabu Yadav.

That made me cold. So I went downstairs to cook. Going out a little, Dr. I called Baburam Bhattarai. Tell all the events. I gave him the first information about the incident. I’m in trouble, I gave you my number so you can do your job. I went back and started talking to them.

When two MPs came as guests, political issues were bound to arise. Hon’ble Mahesh said, “The country needs your help. It will be good for you too. The Prime Minister has given us the responsibility to meet you for this. ‘Kisan Hon’ble also repeated the same thing.

I told them, ‘I am a technical person, a doctor by profession. I don’t understand much politics, I speak directly. You have a majority, but there is a lot of controversy in your party. Unite your party. Why do you need other MPs? ‘

After my suggestion, Mahesh Hon’ble will have to amend the constitution, so I need your help. Going further, he said, “We also address your personal issues and solve problems.” His speech was provocative and intimidating. I was shocked and remembered by the honorable people of our party. They also used to show me the Prime Minister’s terror from time to time. This government is strong, the Prime Minister is tough, they can even embarrass you.

I was the Minister of State for Health when the Samajwadi Party government was led by Prime Minister Oli. I did not make any policy decisions myself. What was I afraid of? I haven’t done anything wrong, so I confidently replied to Mahesh Hon’ble that I don’t have any personal problem.

When our conversation started to get a little complicated, IGsab told us to go to Bara. I repeated that I had to go to Janakpur. But, ignoring my words, he started telling me to go to Bara or not. The situation seemed to be uncomfortable. I told him to go to Janakpur first and then to Bara. After going to Janakpur first, I thought to myself that I would take some measures. That was agreed upon.

I said I would go in my own car. But, they don’t need your car, let’s go to our car. They gradually began to dominate me. You didn’t want to listen to me. He created psychological panic just to go. When I refused, they seemed to be forcing me. Still, I told him to get out of his car. I told the driver and the PSO to come back later. Socialist state committee member Rajiv Yadav also came with me.

Former Inspector General of Police, two MPs who have been friends for years. But, amidst the unique atmosphere they created, I got into their car. I was feeling insecure. They were laughing and talking. Meanwhile, on the way, I met Kaushal Kishor Yadav. He is a member of our party’s state assembly. After a while, we reached Bardibas Hotel. The same thing was repeated there.

Hon’ble Mahesh and Kisan Hon’ble said that 9-10 MPs of the Socialist Party are already in touch with us. Uma Shankar Aragaria is also in Bardibas. Umashankar is the whip of our party’s parliamentary party, but Mahesh and Kisan have already come in contact with the Hon’ble. Suddenly he also came to the hotel.

I talked to Umashankar. “I am dissatisfied with the socialist leaders. What is your opinion?” He asked. He said that the Prime Minister had given the responsibility of splitting the Samajwadi Party to the then Communications Minister Gokul Banskota, but it was delayed due to various reasons.

In Janakpur, we met Dr. We reached the house of Suryanarayana Yadav. I signaled to him that I was embarrassed and coming to his house. This matter had even reached the Home Minister of Province 2. However, the police are under the central government, there is nothing they can do. When I was forced to walk to Kathmandu, I said I would take my nephew with me.

We came to Bardibas again from Janakpur. It was evening. Toyota had a white car. I just sat there. Kaushal, IG Saab and two honorable ones also stayed there. My car left behind to pick up my nephew. My mobile was in the same car.

The car was running non-stop. After reaching Sindhuli, there was talk of having lunch in the canteen of a hospital. It is said that Mahesh Hon’ble was carrying bread and vegetables. The settlement is good. However, Kaushalji, a member of the state assembly, was angry to see the pressure and tension on me. He was shocked that he would go to the hospital for lunch. Then we went to a small hotel and asked for rent. We ate lunch brought by Mahesh Hon’ble.

We were on our way even in the middle of the night. The Hon’ble Kisan called me and had a direct conversation with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister said that not only the socialists but also the Rajpa was divided. I didn’t understand much. That is all I said: Prime Minister, I am coming with the honorable and IGsab sent by you, I will meet you tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, news came that the Socialists and the Forum had met. They were talking to each other – even if they met, it would take them five days to register. We will register the decision of the backdate tomorrow.

We reached Kavre around two o’clock at night. The food was ready at the hotel, we ate. From there, I called party president Upendra Yadav. I am on my way, I asked where to come. He told her to come straight out of the house and call.

The vehicle reached Hotel Marriott at 3 in the morning and stopped. Eight rooms were booked. I would like a room for two. The key to room number 703 was found. Rajiv, a member of the state committee, and I sat in the same room. Vinaju and PSO sat in the next room.

We were just freshened up, IGsab and the Hon’ble came into the room. He said that he would go to the Prime Minister’s Office tomorrow morning. I said yes. I slept for a while, but if I didn’t get enough sleep, I would get sick. They went to their room. I said I would sleep. But, how to sleep? Things started to play in my mind. They also abducted Kalludevi. Now I also think that they are forced to sign the paper and ruin it.

I called Chairman Upendra Yadav and said, ‘They have brought me to Hotel Marriott, eight rooms have been booked here. If you say so, I will come out. ‘He told me to come out anyway and as soon as possible. Ask for coffee. Eat only half. I sent Rajiv to see the atmosphere outside. The atmosphere was calm. I wore new clothes, not the ones I wore before. There were PSOs and nephews in room number 715. I gave them the keys and left secretly. I put a mask on my face. Now that everyone is wearing a mask, no one doubts. By then it was five o’clock in the morning.

Then I called Chairman Upendra Yadav. He told you to stay in the seropher of the hotel, the car is coming. A car came to pick up nearby. Get in the car It was only after reaching a safe place as planned by Baburam and Upendra that I felt that I had failed the game of splitting the party. This is a victory not only for me or our party but also for democracy and the people’s vote.

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